Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What the Heck is Facebook Thinking?

So, I am looking at my FB and seeing all my friends and family and I keep getting these invites to add people "I may Know" or may not.
The thing is, as much interest as I have in my friends and their doings and goings on, I really don't know ALL of THEIR friends.  And some names that come up are totally strange to me.  I figure they are either Phishing or friend of a friend of a friend, etc., etc., ad nauseum.
Those people won't know me either, right? So, why would I.??
Well, FB is just offering options, I understand, but stay with me a sec..
Some of the people I DO know.  They are people I have great affection, or admiration, or respect for.  And I enjoy keeping sorta tabs on them from a distance.  But, I am sure they are not interested in Friending ME.  I was not a real nice person to be around in the way back when. 
I think some of y'all can identify with that. 
The point is why would I embarrass myself and discomfit them by foisting myself on them claiming "friendship" from that long ago association that very well could have been as uncomfortable for them then (or now) as it is for me now.
Why bring up bad memories? 
Obviously, you don't have to... the point is that FB is constantly  putting it right there in front of me. 
Reminding me what a shit I have been in the past. 
I just hope I continue to have the good taste and courtesy to refrain from imposing  on those good people, again.
And, incidentally, I apologise for all the nasty, creepy crap I pulled, pushed, snuck in on all those people who went so far out of their way to help and/or be nice to me. 
And thank you for it all.  From my saintly brother and his wife to all the friends and girlfriends I was so bad to and ungrateful for.  Thank You!                  H. Rex Lesly. Shithead.

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