Tuesday, July 17, 2012


So, I was wondering:  What the Hell is it with Americans today?
Why do we put up with all this crap that just erodes our freedom, our initiative, our will to exist as a free people?
This government and our societal structure has been eroding the psyche of Americans for 50 or 60 years now, slowly but surely wearing us down from the Greatest Generation to Gen X, Y and Z.
We have either voluntarily given up or had taken away by bits and pieces virtually everything that used to represent Truth, Justice and The American Way.
Remember that phrase?  Its from the first Superman TV series.  And that was about the last time it actually meant something.
Since then,  The American government has used its own people and servicemen in disgustingly dangerous experiments and/or programs with little or no regard to the rights, health and welfare of those individuals.  From nerve gas and hallucinogens tested in subways of major cities to marching soldiers out into open fields and then exploding a nuclear device to see what effects it might have on those individuals.
Supreme Court decisions chipping away at the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
Legal barriers rising at all levels to protect government employees and agencies from responsibility and liability for their actions "under color of authority".
Governmental agencies and private bureaucracies fomenting rules, regulations and guidelines that have the force of law for the general citizenry.
Not so much for the American Nomenklatura, which is a Soviet term indicating those who are on the inside of the system that oppresses and or suppresses "the People", for whom they claim to speak. And, of course, their families, friends and proteges.
A class structure society has grown up, virtually undeclared and universally denied, but all the more real and factual for the "proletariat" (a Soviet epithet for the working and middle classes upon whose backs the society rides). 
The "Big Lie" has become the order of the day.  Mainstream media tirelessly promotes the status quo while also expounding on the faux image of modern American life. 
Rap stars worth millions obscenity laden pseudo-poetry, sports stars making millions to act like violent apes, 
Programming designed to create and/or foster the illusion that we are all going to be millionaires and superstars. 
And millions of Americans are buying the "Big Lie".  On credit.  Or whatever it takes to "keep up with the Joneses". 
So, I think I just answered my own question.  
We have collectively bought the bullcrap "They" are selling.  We did it to ourselves.  Buying the Pie in the Sky.  Trading our Freedoms for Security, while ending up with neither. Sticking our heads in the sand to avoid having to face the reality of our daily degradation. 
And I say We intentionally, accepting my own share of guilt/shame/hopeless desperation and frustration attempting to rationalize the indignities foisted on me and my fellow Americans.  The rights violations, the specious propaganda, the creeping socialism, the Sovietizing of America, The scandals of the super rich banks and speculators openly violating the "law of the land" and walking away scot-free.