Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day in the Life...

Well, let's see.
I have managed to begin migrating my shift further into the day, with seemingly good results, financially.
Time will tell on that score. But I am seeing more of the day.  Which is a good thing.
I still don't hear from my two favorite stepsons often enough, although I understand they have lives of their own and I ask WAY too many questions for a nice friendly converstation, but I am interested. I want to know.
I am spurred on in my political indignation virtually every day by conversations with my passengers, other drivers and, of course, my wife, who, if anything, is even more radical than I am in some areas.
the concepts behind Hayek's "The Road to Serfdom" are as aggravating as they are true and relevant today.
But, in everyday use, I was driving around town on Cesar Chavez Day, and was struck by the incredible preponderance of absent state workers and of taxi radio dispatch business.
So, I guess it's a four day weekend, whether or not that was the stated intention. WooHoo!
For state workers... Not for the rest of us...
The streets of Sac are virtually empty of business.  Cops, Fire Trucks, Occasional tourists.
And I heard there is a convention of Archaeologists in town.
Boy, talk about partiers.  Look out Sacramento!

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