Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Free Association

Since I have been doing the taxi thing, which is a long time, I have seen, heard, taken part in some really interesting things or events.
From robberies to assaults and runouts, scams, oddball offers of sex, drugs and/or rock'n'roll. (back stage passes to a concert in town).
Sex from an assortment of individuals ranging from a flaming queen drunk out of his mind (he probably wouldn't have gotten so out of hand if he hadn't been.) to a partying couple going to one of the then popular sex clubs and wanting a ride home later and a ride later at home.
I pass all such offers. In the age of AIDS and herpes and etc. who needs that sh!t?
Scams are always a fact of life in the taxi biz. Free rides are the goal. Whether because of the death of a loved one, temporary poverty, permanent poverty, righteous indignation, religious fervor, hard luck, Viet vet, Gulf vet, Thursday vet.
And, OMG, the frikking signs. Everywhere and all the time. Same deal, Poor, Poor, Pitiful Me.
I had an adventure with those guys over 15 years ago that spoiled the originality and humor for me.
I learned how much money they were making, and the hypocrisy of standing around begging and then getting into brand new Dodge trucks to drive to their homes in the suburbs.
I can't believe I have trouble making my car payment every month and these guys just have to have the gall to stand there and look pitiful to out gross me hands down.
As we all should know by now..
Life is not fair. As Heinlein said, "Of course the game is rigged. But, if you don't play, you can't win!"
So, hang in there, baby! Best of luck. Rx

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