Monday, March 7, 2011

What the Heck Were They Thinking?

So, i am a cab driver in a semi major city in California.
As such I sit for 12 or more hours a day in the best psychology class in the world for 12 hours or more every day.
I cycle passengers from every walk of life, every creed, economic level, on both sides of the law.
From the homeless to the heartless they all pass through the cab.
I hear a lot of what they talk about, because I am invisible. That is SO cool!
I am everywhere all day long. I see all the stuff you glimpse out of the corner of your eye.
And BOY! is it ever interesting.
From fat girls wearing fashions designed for 9 year old girls, to healthy homeless types begging at street corners with their little signs, claiming some disability or the other.
I am sure there are some really deserving persons out there doing the same thing, but the experiences I have had and things I have seen have spoiled it for me.
I just refuse to contribute to these dregs of society.
F'rinstance, I give people going to work a 10% break on the fare. I believe I am the only one in the country to do anything like that.
Giving the working person a break of any kind, that is. The backbone of this country is abused, bled, taxed, fee'd, license to within an inch of their lives by every form of government, agency, employers, retailers, i.e., just about everyone.
To get back to the theme of this blog, What the Heck were they thinking?
Obama's health care that they had to PASS to find out what was in it?
Jerry Brown for Governor... Again! (I like Jerry, He is unconventional. But he is a politician and that means he is for sale. To unions and others in his case.?)
Gun control to disarm John Q. Public while they operate a revolving door at prisons.
Lawsuits with no consequence for frivolity. Who pays? We do.
Electing lawyers to congress to make more laws.. Woh! Job security to the max.
Have to get ready for work... more later.. observations, reservations, exacerbations, etc.

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