Saturday, November 26, 2011

AnarchoLibertarian ViewsSince I have apparently not been as widely published as I might have hoped I plan to assist things just a bit.
With this link I thee read. 
Admittedly Anarcho Libertarian is not exactly Main Stream, but I feel that it is at the core of American values.  The REAL values most Americans treasure.
The right to privacy from everybody, especially the government.
The right to do what you please in the privacy of your own home, without the okay of the government or your neighbor's nose.
The right to conduct business without some agency or bureaucrat taking a piece of the action, regardless of how little action there actually is or was.
The right to educate your children without somebody's dogma or political belief tainting the curriculum or pushing somebody else's political/religious/social/moral agenda.
The right to do your fair share as you see it, not being forced to follow guidelines set down by aforementioned burearcracy/agency/elected official.
Think about it.  Aren't you really an Anarcho-Libertarian???