Saturday, November 12, 2011

So, now EVERYBODY is after Joe Paterno. 
Why?  Either because he reported a pederast, or because he reported an assistant coach with a hobby. 
Here is the order of events I got from the media. 
1. Penn State hires a pederast. 
2. Pederast uses Penn State to further his "hobby". Using the usual cover story of "helping kids".
3. A special prosecutor is assigned to investigate allegations that the pederast is a ... Pederast!
   A. Special prosecutor starts on case.  Finds evidence... 
   B. Special prosecutor disappears, leaving an abandoned car and no clues. 
   C. Case fades into oblivion. 
4.  Pederast continues to "help" kids with assistance of Penn State. 
5. At some point pederast is spotted "helping" kids by Joe Paterno.
6. Paterno immediately informs his superiors at Penn State, the way he is/was supposed to. 
7. Penn State rushes to the defense of these poor troubled children by telling pederast he can't indulge his "hobby" on college campus anymore.
8. Penn State tells Paterno the problem is handled.
9. Paterno, being loyal to Penn State, decides NOT to follow up and report to authorities, i.e., cops.
10. Years later, it all comes out.  Press feeding frenzy.  
11. Penn State, eager to cover its butt, points collective fingers at Joe Paterno. (Figuring; high profile celebrity, easy target).
12  Penn State, eager to cover its butt and avoid liability, fires Paterno on the assumption it will drag the media off its doorstep. 
13. Media feeding frenzy II, taking the easy way out, attacks Paterno as if HE was the pederast, or somehow responsible to said pederasts actions. 
Why?  Because it is MUCH easier than actually going after the guilty party. Because they are lazy scandal mongers who have little or no interest in facts or true guilt.  They are interested in sensationalism pure and simple to sell their precious ad space. 
The very few actual fair and balanced media have been pushed far into the background by these low life bottom feeders.  
An intelligent adult reader has to search, I mean really SEARCH, for true information and news nowadays.  Instead of just swallowing the specious crap the mainstream media in continually feeding us.  
Happy searching.!

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